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Greek Parliament cuts state funding to Golden Dawn

With overwhelming majority of 241 lawmakers, Greek parliament voted in favor of cutting state funding to Golden Dawn. Party leader Nikos Michaloliakos and two MPs remand custody and two other were released on bail, are facing charges of forming a criminal organization.

The voting was referring to suspension of the third installment of €300,000, while GD has already received previous funding.

From 272 present lawmakers

241 MPs voted in favor

26 MPs voted against

5 MPs voted “present”

In favor voted MPs from Nea Domokratia, PASOK, SYRIZA, Democratic Left, KKE and several independent lawmakers. Independent Greeks voted divided.

MPs who voted in favor described GD as “neo-nazi” and “criminal organization”.

Also against voted veteran Manolis Glezos (SYRIZA) arguing that “Golden Dawn has to be faced with political means.”

Also some IndepGreeks lawmakers voted against arguing that “as long as the trial against the party leader and GD MPs has not taken place, there is still the presumption of innocence.”

GD spokesman Ilias Kasidiaris described the process as “a disgrace”, “invalid”, “illegal” and “unconstitutional.”



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