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Christmas Angels spend €16K to buy meat for the poor at Athens meat market

There were allegedly eight women standing next to the cash registers of several meat shops in Athens meat market Varvakeios located in the city’s center. They women wore neither a Christmas suit, nor anything else that could identify them.

According to some “they were eight”, some others claimed “they were four”. They allegedly moved from shop to shop and paid the meat for those in need. Criteria for the donation was apparently that the customer would buy a very small amount of meat or poultry and thus one day before Christmas.

“They stood next to the cash register and when they saw someone ordering a very small amount of meat, not only did they pay but they also urged the customer to buy whatever else he wanted for his family,” eyewitnesses told private STAR TV on Monday.

“They spent a total of 16,000 euro,” an eyewitness said.

According to Star, the women were sent to the meat market by a company that did not want to reveal its identity.

Whether the story is true or not, it cannot be confirmed unless some of the blessed customers gives an interview or something. But the news spread like a wild fire through the media and the internet on Monday.

Whether the eight Christmas Angels Anonymous were real or not, it brings a smile to our lips in times of poverty, debts and desperation.

If the story is true it certainly brought joy and food to at least 320 needy households, if we consider an average 50 euro spending per customer.

PS As it always happens with the angels, there has been no picture taken from the charity action.

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  1. its heartwarming to her of some acts of kindness as we all need to be aware of the very poor circumstances that some people find them in through np fault of their own