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Greek PM’s Epiphany message: praise the roads, the bridges, the highways….

A special message on the occasion of Epiphany was given by Greek prime Minister Antonis Samaras to the citizens on the occasion of divine revelation: it’s all about roads…. The roads will lead us to development and growth and bring prosperity to the people…. Or something like that.

“Major road projects, new bridges and new roads and highways will reduce unemployment,” Samaras told the folk in his home town Kalamata. At the same time he expressed the wish that “the light of faith in Christ will always shine in us, our values and principles.”

“New bridges and new roads and highways, that started across Greece give a palpable sense of optimism and result. Not only because the major roads connect the world and carry much faster, people and goods , but mostly because they create jobs.

And this is for us the national strategy to exit the crisis . Exit a crisis that creates the biggest problem that exists today in Greece, the unemployment . The construction of such large projects reduces unemployment , gives hope to the world . This is our obligation and that’s what we do every day. “

Deeply impressed by the highly innovative prime-ministerial approach to functionality of roads and highways and bridges, I cannot help but wonder if the Samaras’ speech writer is some stone-old arch-conservative author stuck back in the 1950’s.

PS I can also not help but thinking of the definition of male/female in Gaddafi’s Green Book. Equally primitive…

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  1. Nothing more to say (unfortunately German, but …. hey!)

    • keeptalkinggreece

      h, they just try to pass an optimistic message otherwise they should resign … yesterday.

  2. 2 + 2 = 4. It’s how cold out? -4!!