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Athens: Iranian migrant says, he had his ear bitten off in a racist attack (video)

A young migrant from Iran says he was the target of a racist attack about two months ago in central Athens. Describing how he was attacked, he also said that one of his attackers had bitten off his ear. The man, identified himself as Shaid, said he was walking on a street near Metaxourgeio Square and was speaking on his mobile when he was attacked.

Video: interview in English, Greek subtitles

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In a recorded video interview with international humanitarian aid organization doctors of the World (Médecins du Monde.), the man, who identifies himself as Shaid, said that he was set on by three men dressed in black as he was speaking on the phone near Metaxourgiou Square.

“They beat me. After one of them put his hand around my neck and got me in a headlock, he bit his teeth into my ear. I was bleeding and my ear fell to the ground,” he said in a recorded video interview with Médecins du Monde.

Meanwhile Shaid has found shelter in the aid organization and advices other migrants who want to leave their country to reconsider as the conditions may be better there than abroad.

sources: ProtoThema, also enetenglish

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