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1:3 Greek public hospital doctors have huge assets – tax free –

Surprise? Certainly not! Every Greek and foreigner living in Greece has been known for years, in not for decades, that one has to put several banknotes in an envelope (fakelaki) and discretely hand it to the doctor of a public hospital. Now the financial Crimes Units (SDOE) have found out that one out of three doctors working at the public hospitals (ESY) has mounted huge deposits in bank accounts and thus ‘tax free’ as they were not declared in their income tax declaration.

According to daily “Eleftheros Typos” cross checks in the bank accounts of hundreds of public hospital doctors across the country have revealed a big scale tax evasion. Suspicion is high that the ‘black money” was acquired either through ‘fakelaki’ or through other activities outside the public hospital system. ESY doctors are not allowed to have a second job or a private office.

“The amount of bank deposits is as high as of shipowners,” the daily notes.

The first findings reveal  that at least one out of three checked doctors have assets that cannot be justified according to their salaries. SDOE units have first put their control focus on over 500 gynecologists – obstetricians. Initial findings show a delinquency rate of 35 percent.

PS time to check also the IKA doctors, who make home visits, cash the money and give no receipt….

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