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Tsipras rejects “signature of commitment” to loan agreements with the Troika

Alexis Tsipras, leader of main opposition party left-wing SYRIZA rejected the option that he would put his signature under the Memorandum of  Understanding (loan agreement) between Greece and its lenders.

Speaking to SYRIZA parliamentary group meeting on Wednesday, Alexis Tsipras said:

“If they dare to ask our signature on their Memoranda, they will receive the answer they got last time: Look somewhere else for accomplices in the crime…”.

With the economic crisis deepening and SYRIZA constantly leading recent public opinion polls, it seems that also Greece”s lenders see Tsipras as the next prime minister of Greece, whenever the next elections will take place. Therefore, scenarios and rumors have started to circulate, claiming that the Troika will ask from the country’s next prime minister to send a letter of commitment to all relevant bodies and institutions.

While still in opposition as leader of Nea Dimocratia Antonis Samaras had sent a letter of commitment to Troika on February 15th  2012 declaring his “commitment to the full implementation of the fiscal consolidation program, the objectives and the policies” of the Troika. The letter was sent to the IMF, the ECB, the European Commission and the Eurogroup.

In June of the same year Samaras was the prime minister of Greece after two election rounds.

PS I wouldn’t believe the Troika had the power to hinder somebody from becoming Prime Minister of a country just because he did not fully committe to their common goal… Would they? Could they?

“Does the Troika has the power to hinder Tsipras from becoming PM?” What do you think?

Thinking a bit in the old-fashioned way, when the USA used to intervene in the national politics of countries lol


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  1. If it gets that far and they have to protect their precious money, these guys will stop at absolutely nothing, not Tsipras nor anybody else. Don’t forget that the biggest winners from all of this are death-merchants world wide. I don’t believe for one minute that they would lose any sleep over another body, no matter whose it is..