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Greek ‘first’: Serres court sends animal abuser to one-year imprisonment without parole

There is always a ‘first’ that deserves applaud: like throwing an animal abuser into a narrow jail cell, for one year and without suspension. Plus a 5,000 euro fine! The offender has been charged for dragging his dog behind his motorcycle.

animal abuse

The incident took place a couple of months ago in Camila village, near Serres in Northern Greece. The drunken driver had tied his dog with a rope on the motorcycle and he was driving around the village square. He crashed into a pillar and fell unconscious. The dog managed to escape and sought shelter into a neighbor’s house. When the driver came back to his senses, he located the dog, beat him and tied him again behind the motorcycle. The torture started again.

Had there not be two teenagers yo stop the incredible animal abuse, the dog would have found a tragic end.

With guidance from the police station the teenagers managed to do all proper steps so that the police could arrest the abuser and take him to prosecutor.

The teenagers managed to do where the adults of the village failed as they were watching the abuse without reaction.

A court in Serres ruled today,  that the animal abuser pays a fine of 5,000 euro and be imprisoned for one year without parole.

The animal was removed from the owner by prosecutor’s order and it has been adopted.

Animal welfare organizations hail the court decisions as it is the first time in Greece that an animal abuser receives a jail punishment without suspension.

“It is an important sentence, exemplary for the other prospective offenders-animal torturers, especially for the local community of Camila village, that unfortunately tops the list of mass poisoning and abuse in our prefecture,” animal welfare society FOS said in a statement stressing that village chairman has repeatedly refused any mobilization for the protection of animals in his area.

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  1. My faith in human nature has been restored by these 2 youths – they were not afraid to speak out and act on what is right – well done, my heroes!

  2. I’m glad the guy got punished. Too bad he didn’t get more, but of course that doesn’t happen anywhere when it comes to non-human animals. Thank goodness for the two teenagers. They are what humans should be.

    • Could someone tell me the solution for the stray dogs infecting the streets in Greece and in such a level that it became a huge tourist repellent for this country : a lot of people don’t want to come to Greece on holidays because of the dogs taking the streets and annoying the pedestrians, the cylists, the motocyclists etc !!! I don’t think it’s exactly what Greece needs in this crisis and what Greece deserve anyhow ! People pay their local taxes via DEI bill but you can’t use the street as you wish, there are some “territories”, parts of street or even full street not accessible and you just have to find a diversion to be able to go from point A to point B…it’s just unacceptable and unbearable in a developed country ; because of the dogs. Pathetic !

      • keeptalkinggreece

        are you sure of what you claim?

        • 100% sure I am living that everyday for 4 years now and are in relation with a lot of people from western europe who don’t want to come to Greece on holidays for the “dogs” reasons !!! And I totally agree with them.

          • keeptalkinggreece

            I’ve heard of foreigners campaigning against visiting Greece for animal abuse reasons, but because of dogs presence? please, stay where you are. thanks.

      • Sorry, but what I find pathetic is this comment!

        I love Greece, but I also LOVE animals and think every living thing has a right to life and a life that is worth living at that too. These streets that you say are ‘infected’ with dogs are so because there is not any support for animal welfare. If strays are adopted and neutered then the ‘problem’ will start to improve. There are many charities who work to this cause but often come up against adversity. They are trying to help but do so in the right way, not by poisoning or hurting innocent creatures that are just trying to survive.

        I am a tourist of Greece and this does not put me off, your attitude would though.

  3. It gives you belief that there are still some good people out there, educate the children, and the next generation will be more caring to animals

  4. To the teenagers who stopped this monster, please show your faces, you are HEROES!!!! You are the only real men in your village XXXXX

  5. I applaud these young people and hope their elders hang their heads in shame.

  6. That is the best news I have heard in such a long time you are the best .

  7. Maj-Brit Juul Andersen

    Thanks a lot you two teenagers.

  8. After this year’s imprisonment, this man should be put as a ‘volunteer’ in a dog shelter, that will open his eyes!

  9. Ah ! I can tell there is some censore ship on this media it is not very free speech and not everyone wants to hear the truth apparently. Never mind, stay blind and wait for the apocalypse, when it would be to late to react correctly.
    I just had my message being taking off probably because I spend 1 hour to proove my point with some links and videos…..great !
    Thank you very much for your courage and your considration for free speech !

    • keeptalkinggreece

      LOL whoever cannot stand arguments against his, blames ‘censorship’ and ‘lack of free speech’. Had there be censorship here, you comments would have been deleted, but that’s hard to understand right?
      censorship in in your own mind. sorry.

  10. muy buena su nota,,sobre los perros,, a sus ordenes