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Powerful earthquakes 5.9R and 5.2R rock Kefalonia, Western Greece (pics, video)

Two powerful tremors shook the island of Kefalonia at the Ionian Sea, Western Greece on Sunday. The first earthquake occurred short at 3:56 p.m. on Sunday with 5.9 R, while the second took place at 8:45 p.m. with 5.2R. Dozens of aftershocks have been registered. Seismologists estimate that the first tremor was the main earthquake.

Media report that several people were slightly injured from items that fell from places. The public hospital of Argostoli has been reportedly evacuated, schools and nurseries will remain close on Monday until authorities check the buildings conditions.


Seismologists warn the residents not to return to their homes if they have suffered any damage.

Κεφαλονιά: Προβληματισμός από τους συνεχείς ισχυρούς μετασεισμούς

Many residents are expected to spend the night outside, the general mood is been described as that of ‘panic’

 video: people in panic leave a basketball facility during the 5.9R earthquake

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There are reports of occasional electricity and telecommunications outage.


The earthquake 5.8R occurred 6km north of Kefalonia capital, Argostoli and 280 km west from Greece’s capital Athens. Several seismologic institutes in Greece and abroad give the magnitude between 5.8 and 6.1R

The earthquake was felt in Peloponnese, in many cities of continental Greece, in Athens, Larissa, Karditsa and others.

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Minister of Interior Yiannis Michelakis is visiting the area holdings meetings with local authorities in order to bring normal life back to the island. Units of Civic protection, fire brigades , search & rescue have been transferred to the island.

more pictures: newsit, protothema, zougla, inkefalonia.gr,


Kefalonia has not been declared in state of emergency.

Χάρτης με τις σεισμικές δονήσεις που ακολούθησαν


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