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Court gives life sentence to Pakistani who brutally attacked teenager girl in Paros

A Greek court sentenced the Pakistani who brutally attacked a teenager girl on the island of Paros with life sentence and additionally 25 years imprisonment.  The attack and sexual abuse of 15-year-old Myrto took place in 2012, when the girl had gone for a walk at the beach. The unconscious  girl was found by her mother some time later, she had suffered heavy brain injuries as the attacker had tried to kill her with a stone.

Pakistani national, Ahmed Waqas, 22, had confessed to have attacked the girl after trying to steal her cell phone while she was sitting on a beach during a family holiday on the island in July 2012.

After the assault Waqas had returned to his workplace, a hotel nearby. A week later he moved to Athens, where he was arrested a few days later. Police have reportedly placed him at the crime scene after identifying traces of his DNA. He was arrested two day before fleeing to Pakistan.

The teenager girl suffered extensive head trauma as a result of the assault and spent several months in a coma. She has been undergoing treatment in the United States and was recently flown back to Greece to continue rehabilitation therapy. She can only slightly communicate with her eyes, Greek media reported.

During the trial today, Wages accepted all charges and apologized by the girl’s family.

No punishment can be high enough for ruining a young life.

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