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Kefalonia declared “natural disaster zone”, 4,000 residents sleep in tents and cars

Τents, cars, buses and sports halls provided provisional shelter to thousands of Kefalonia residents who spent the bitter-cold, rainy and windy night outside their homes. Constant aftershocks and authorities warnings keep them away from the protection of a home that might be at risk of collapse.

People with blankets and mattresses in hands, looking for a place to spend the night.

One week in rocking aftershocks and two powerful earthquakes measuring 6R (January 26) and 5.7R (February 3rd) have brought Kefalonia residents at the edge of their patience.

The earthquake on Monday maximized the problems caused by the first earthquake a week earlier.

Residents complain about the absence of housing containers to accommodate them and seem unimpressed by the presence of half of the cabinet rushing to the island to demonstrate support.

Residents complain also about the shortage of drinking water, as the Health Minister told them to avoid tab water.


4,000 people are estimated to be without housing, mostly in the area around Lixouri, the epicenter of both earthquakes.

On Tuesday, Kefalonia  was declared a “natural disaster zone”, meaning that residents will receive compensation for damages they suffered. The compensation conditions are to be announced later today.

UPDATE  Measures for property owners

According to Infrastructure Minister, Michalis Chrysochoidis, 600 buildings are to be demolished, other 1,100 have major damage and 1,400 have small damages. Buildings in Lixouri and the surrounding area have the most serious problems.

The state will pay for two years the rent for residence who lost their homes. Furthermore, the state will compensate property owners to fix damages and also create housing settlements, for those who do not want to buy a new real estate.. (

Extensive damages have been recorded on the island after the two powerful tremors on January 26th and February 3td measuring 6R and 5.7R.


Until last Sunday, 1,800 buildings were inspected by personnel of public works ministry.750 of them were found to be unfit for housing.  After the tremor on Monday, even houses declared as ‘fit’ must now undergo new inspection.

Authorities warn residents to stay away form their homes even if cracks on the walls were minor.

Military aircraft have already brought supplies in tents, blankets and other items.

Σεισμόπληκτη περιοχή κηρύσσεται η Κεφαλονιά

Some residents unable to live with the constant fear of a possible new powerful earthquake have started to abandon the island and seek refugee in safe areas of the Greek mainland and Peloponnese.

One or two more ferries are expected to arrive to Kefalonia and provide accommodation to the earthquake-hit residents.

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