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Captainwise: Greek startup searches “holiday packages” according your budget. Cool!

I found the idea very cool, when I read about it on a Greek Sunday newspaper. Captainwise.com helps travelers to find a tailor-made holidays package and thus according to a given budget. I couldn’t help but immediately check where I could go to if I had the money and the time to grant me a couple of days away from home.


Rom and Barcelona are two destinations offered to me with the option to make booking into a different hotel.

“Captainwise is a social travel engine which helps travelers organize, book and even sell tailor-made travel packages in accordance to a specific budget. In particular we are a search engine that researches among other travel websites in order to deliver to our users the results. The user enters his budget in the appropriate field (search engine) and Captainwise searches the web for offers that correspond to the user’s query, proposing destinations and general planning of the trip.” (Terms&Conditions)

the site navigation is extremely easy, while it does not take bookings or holds any details on bookings or payments.

Captainwise.com was launched in December 2013. The service currently make offers holiday packages starting from the Athens airport only but destinations are also outside Greece. The site continuously tries to expand to other airports in Greece or the European Union, to an airport “near you,” as the administrators note.

The idea started middle of 2012 by Xristos Xatziapostolakis, Dimitris Schizas and Andreas Karoutzos, all younger than 25 years old. The start capital 60,000 euro came from private funds that support youth entrepreneurship. “Almost half of the capital will be spent on taxes, fees and labor contributions,” the fund chairman told Sunday newspaper Proto Thema.

PS Keep this application in mind, when the time for holidays comes near 🙂




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