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UPD Athens: draconian security measures due to students’ parade

It’s not German Chancellor Angela Merkel coming to Greece, neither US-President Barrack Obama on an official visit. It’s only the students’ parade on the occasion of  “25th March” National Day commemorating the launch of Greek Independence war against the Ottoman occupation.  And yet. Three thousand policemen have taken downtown Athens under seize in order to hinder any potential protests against the politicians attending the parade.

The area around the Greek Parliament and Syntagma Square is cordoned to keep away aspiring troublemakers. Not even the students’ parents are allowed to come close and feel proud of their kids. Honored guest are allowed to enter the parade area after VIP invitation, journalists may cover the parade from a close range only if accredited.

Metro station <Syntagma> has been closed to public since 5:30 am Monday  and will remain closed until the end of the parade. The same security measure will apply on Tuesday, when the military parade will take place.

Yes, for another  year, the students’ parade from  274 secondary schools will be held in “private” so to say…

The parade started at 11 am and will last until 12:30 -1 pm. If you need to go to downtown Athens you’d better do it later…


The parade was apparently held in very fast step then it concluded in less than an hour.

Greek media reported that many parents refrained from going downtown as they would watch their children from a very fast distance.

I suppose next year the parade will be held inside the Greek Parliament lol….

PS after all they were right to cordon and safeguard the area. This morning, the cleaning ladies who have been laid-off from various public services staged another protest outside the Finance Ministry that is close by.

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