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Greek FinMin invites SYRIZA to join Eurogroup negotiation table

Greek Finance Minister Yiannis Stournaras openly invited Greek opposition parties in general and leader of left-wing SYRIZA, Alexis Tsipras, in particular to join the negotiation table on the Greek debt issue.

Speaking to private SKAI TV on Monday, Stournaras reiterated his invitation to the members of main opposition party SYRIZA to come together at the negotiating table at the over next Eurogroup meeting, when the debate on Greek debt reduction will be launched, and convince themselves that “only key to achieve the country’s goals is the sustainability of the surplus and the fulfillment of commitments undertaken by Greece.”

Stournaras stressed that Greece is reverently following these two conditions and that the European partners should fulfill their promises.

” Debt sustainability relies heavily on our hands, on privatizations, on tax revenues, on fulfilling our commitments. A further debt reduction will be a reward of our efforts up to date,” Stournaras added.

The Finance Minister dismissed the option of imposing new, additional taxes.

“New taxes are out of question. The Loan Agreement [Memorandum of Understanding] foresees that if we achieve our objectives there is even a margin to reduce tax rates,” Stournaras stressed.

He concluded saying that the economic situation will normalize as of 2014.

Greece is expecting to receive a 9-billion-euro bailout installments from the EU in May. Another 9 billion euro is expected by the IMF until May 2016.

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