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Death by torture in Greek prison: prison guards arrested over the death of convict Ilya Kareli

Brutal torture by prison guards in what it look to be revenge for the death of their colleague has apparently caused the death of Albanian convict Ilya Kareli, 42, in Nigrita prison last week, Greek media report on Tuesday. Arrest warrants have been issued against at least eight arrest  prison guards with the prosecutor to have raised felony charges for “torture resulting in death”, “torture” and “intended heavy body damage”. Other charges have been issued against prison officials in Malandrino and police officers in Itea police station.

ilya kareli

 from the prison cell security camera

Media  report of serious beating and even torture that possibly included electroshock prior to Kareli’s death and thus by a group of ten prison guards. According to state NERIT TV one of the prison guards has already confessed the torture that lasted 2,5 hours and occurred in a prison room. Other media report that a security camera at the corridor had recorded prison guards coming to and going from that specific room.

“The medical examiner reported hat Kareli suffered a fractured sternum near the time of his death. Additionally, a camera from the corridors in the Nigrita prison recorded Kareli being taken to a cell without a camera and then, about two and a half hours later, he is being dragged away by two guards.

It would appear that the Albanian convict was brutally tortured while in prison, which has caused huge tension amongst prisoners. Perhaps more shocking is that in his short stay in Nigrita, Kareli appears to have been tortured by the president of the prison guard union.” (To Vima)

At the same time, Albanian media report that the family of Kareli had ordered a forensic investigation that allegedly showed Karelis’ nails were removed, his hands had burning marks, there were cuts in the lower belly area and his feet soles were heavily beaten.

Convict Ilya Kareli of Albanian origin was found dead in his cell in Nigrita prison just two days after he killed a prison guard in Malandrino prison where was serving a 20-year sentence. Priot to his death Kareli was apparently alone in his isolation cell that was been monitored with security cameras.

On March 25th, Kareli had stabbed prison guard Giorgos Tsironis, 46, with a sharp tool he had made from a part of a door frame. Tsironis died immediately. Kareli told the prosecutor, he attacked Tsironis, “because he was refused leave to see his frail mother.”

Right after the murder, Ilya Kareli was transferred from Malandrino  to Nigrita prison over a short stop at Itea police station for security reasons. He was found dead the next night. The guards in Nigrita had claimed that Kareli had already beating marks when he arrived, that he didn’t want a doctor to examine him and even that “he had asked for a rope”, implying that Kareli had the intention to commit suicide.

Three guards at Nigrita prison were detained on Thursday, an arrest warrant is awaiting also the president of Nigrita prison guards union who has been hospitalized in the Psychiatric Clinic of General Hospital in Serres since Monday apparently due to heavy pressure during the internal investigation by Greek Police.

Ilya Kareli, 40, had served 12 years of a 20-year sentence for attempted murder, robbery, drug violations, unlawful entry and forgery.

PS revenge for the death of a colleague? take the law in one’s hands? in prison? in Greece? what was in their mind? that they would get away with it?

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