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Greek PM: “I will not allow a criminal organization to govern the political life”

Greek Prime Minister Antonis Samaras is determined not to allow extreme-right Golden Dawn be a regulator of the country’s political life and threaten the political stability. Speaking to a delegation of AHEPA, the prime minister used the chance to address the issue that his close aide Panagiotis Baltakos had regular contacts with Golden Dawn MPs.

Samaras: “I would like to emphasize some obvious things . I’m the one who originally fought the Golden Dawn , harder than any one else and I will never allow  any criminal organization to become governor of our political life. Neither I will allow abysmal and unacceptable behavior by any government official. With the same unwavering faith the government fully supports the independence of the judiciary.”

With a hint to main opposition party left-wing SYRIZA that demanded the resignation of the Minister of Public Order and Justice Minister, Samaras said “All those demanding the resignation of the two ministers, they identify themselves with Golden Dawn for petty gains.”

Greek media report on Friday that PM Samaras and Nea Dimocratia try to change the nasty agenda and lead people’s attention to “economic success” like that “Greece   could return to the markets as early as next week in case Moody’s  release an upgrade on Greek bonds.

Meanwhile Golden Dawn MPs keep claiming that there were more videotaped conversations with other members of the government but also from opposition parties and that they intended to release them.

PS my cat asked me what will be the benefit for her if the country returned to the markets. Honestly I could not reply this question but I told her instead that electricity bills would rise due to some “green what-ever energy fees” and that I have to pay some 40 euro to start with, as the new hike will be applied retroactive. And you know what she did? She looked at me with oh-what-a-cattitude look, turned around tail high and slowly walked away.


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