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More than 225K Greeks applied for “social dividend” allowance

Thousands of Greeks rushed to submit applications amid the Easter holidays in order to receive a share of 500 euro from the so-called ‘social dividends’ from the primary surplus. “225,000 people have applied so far,” Greek media reported on Tuesday noon stressing that the number of electronically submitted applications was at 140,000 the previous day.

The electronic procedure for submitting the application had opened to public on Thursday afternoon.

However not all the applications meet the income criteria set by the Greek government. According to sources from the General Secretariat for Information Systems, 71,000 applications were rejected.

Approved or not, submitting an application does not cost anything except an internet connection.

Impoverished Greeks are expected to receive a one-time ‘bonus’ of minimum of 500 euro. The money for the so-called “social dividend” is deprived from the primary surplus 2013.

The number of applications is expected to increase.

PS How much these impoverished Greeks suffered economically in order to get the 500 euro… that’s another story.

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