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22 migrants drown when boat sinks off-shore of Samos

At least 22 migrants were drown off shore of the island of Samos when the boat carrying them to Greece sank. Among the victims are four children, six men and twelve women – some of them pregnant, others holding their children in their arms.

The incident occurred in the early morning hours of Monday 4 nautical miles off Samos, when a what local media describe as “luxury yacht” started to take in water and sink.

Panic broke out and many migrants jumped into the water whether they knew swimming or not. Some unfortunate ones remained trapped in the yacht’s bow and went under with it.

A Frontex boat reportedly got aware of the incident and hit alarm.


from the rescue operation

Two Greek coast guard boats, the Frontex boat, three fishing boats and also a cruise ship sailed to the point and managed to rescue 36 people so far.

The yacht followed by a smaller boat was bringing illegally migrants to Greece. When the yacht started to sink, also the migrants on the smaller boat jumped in the water. More than 65 people were on board of both boats.

ΦΩΤΟ από το samostimes

The search and rescue operation is still under way with the additional assistance of a Super Puma helicopter. The number of victims increases by the hour.

Rescued migrants are in the hospital of the island.

Media report that divers found people trapped in the yachts’ bow.

Speaking to private Skai TV in the afternoon, a diver said that they had found 18 bodies trapped inside the yachts bow. “There was no visible reason for the accident, there was no leakage or a hole” he said adding that the 120meter-long yacht was “overloaded” and he implied that for some “unknown reason the people moved to one side causing the boat to capsize.”

Migrants trying to reach Greece illegally often fall victim of their own dreams and exploitation of human traffickers.

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  1. Please do not follow the mainstream in calling these people “illegal immigrants”: they are refugees. How else do you call people fleeing the terror that is Syria or Somalia, where all these people came from?

    As to their being ‘victims of their own dreams’ I would have thought they are far more the victims of the inhumane, and murderous, European border policy that seeks to keep them out and which makes their attempt to pass so dangerous.

    • keeptalkinggreece

      We know that not all of them are refugees but also economic migrants.
      We also know that a Europe in economic crisis cannot afford uncontrolled numbers of migrants.
      We also know that once war conflicts are over and economic situation of these people is their countries get better they will not need to seek their future abroad.
      We also know that on part of the EU there is neither effective solution on war conflicts and nor economic development policies.