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Samos: Human trafficker throws migrants into the sea

A new tragedy with illegal migrants was averted in the last minute,  after a human trafficker told to 24 people to jump into the sea in order to be rescued by the Greek coast guard. Tweny two men and two women were rescued by a boat of the Greek coastguard.

The incident occurred in the sea between the island of Samos and the Turkish coastline in the early morning hours of Tuesday. The migrants told the Greek authorities that the captain of the boat had told them to jump into the water in order to be rescued by the coast guard and so be brought into the country.

However as the incident occurred in Turkish waters, the migrants are expected to be brought back to Turkey.

The incident occurred 24 hours after a yacht and a small boat carrying more than 65 migrants sank off shore of the island of Samos. 36 people were rescued, among them 32 men, 3 women and a 3-year-old boy.

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The number of drowned is at 22, with 18 bodies to have been found inside the yacht bow. Among them, 3 children and a pregnant woman. Divers report of shocking pictures, with the unfortunate migrants  to have been “piled” together with their suitcases and bags. A woman found the death while she was holding her child in her arms.


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