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German FinMin Schaeuble: “A Greek politician proposed the Grexit”

Ayayayeee! Just three days before the EU elections that may put the Greek coalition government at risk, German Financial Minister Woflgang Schaeuble launched a ‘torpedo’. Asked to comment on recent reports of Financial Times, Schaeuble revealed that it was a Greek politician who made the proposal for Greece to exit the euro zone.

“A Greek politician, whose democratic sentiments of accountability I doubt, made the proposal to me  that Greece leaves the euro zone before the referendum,” Schaeuble said adding “it is not my job to reveal his name.” Wolfgang Schaeuble did not elaborate when and where the meeting with the Greek politician took place, in Cannes, for example, or elsewhere.

However he noted that also politicians from other countries – like Italy, for example – had proposed exit of their country from the euro area.

A recent series by Financial Times reports had revealed the whole backstage negotiations and dark plans of Greece’ EU partners who had worked out a Grexit plan together with the IMF and the ECB, after Greek PM George Papandreou proposed a referendum during the Cannes summit beginning of November 2011.

“In Greece there was the plan of a government that Greece leaves the euro zone. Do you believe that a country like Germany should not make plans for such an option? Of course, we had plan A and plan B and C and D,” Schaeuble stressed during a press conference in Berlin and answering a question by Greek private Mega TV.

Schaeuble blamed the Greek elite for the crisis. “We have said many times that the Greeks suffer from decades-long omissions  by the Greek elite,” he said.

Does Schaueble imply that the Greeks would have negotiated a better Loan Agreement (Memorandum of Understanding II) weren’t there double-tongued politicians among them?

Now all Greek media are trying to find out who was this Greek politician.

PS Hm… let me think: Who was in contact with the German Finance Minister at that time? So around November 2011? It was certainly not SYRIZA, despite coalition government claims that left-wing “SYRIZA comes to power, Greece will exit the euro zone.”



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