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Fotis Kouvelis resigns as leader of Democratic Left (DIMAR)

Leader of Democratic Left Fotis Kouvelis submitted his resignation  just a few days after the European Parliament elections on Sunday that gave the center-left party a thin 1.20%. That is a total collapse for the party that it is claimed to have divided the left right after Greece entered the loan agreements in 2010 and served as a chock between PASOK and SYRIZA.

“The results of the EP elections lead me – as it is my duty – to submit my resignation to the party Central Committee and the Congress  in accordance with our prescribed statutory procedures . These institutions will take the necessary decisions , ” Kouvelis said in a statement on Wednesday.


Fotis Kouvelis was an MP of “Synaspismos” – a component of SYRIZA –  when he founded Democratic Left on 27 June 2010, so to say,  a month after the loan agreement with the Troika.

After the parliamentary elections in June 2012, DemLeft joined as “junior partner” the pro-austerity coalition government of Nea Dimokratia and PASOK. the party abandoned the coalition a year later.

Consequently, the voters, social-democrats and center-left, abandoned the party not knowing whether it was pro- or anti-austerity.

Democratic Left rates

National elections June 2012: 6.5%

EP elections May 2014: 1.20%

DemLeft has 12 seats in the Greek Parliament, its MPs are ex PASOK and SYRIZA members.

An conflict broke out among the DemLeft MPs after Sunday’s results with each front blaming the other for the voters’ losses. It looks as former PASOK-members intend to join the new PASOK “ELIA”, while some tend to join SYRIZA.

I suppose, DemLeft’s mission to temporarily function as a pool for disappointed PASOK and SYRIZA members have been fulfilled.

PS No worries about the fate of veteran politician Fotis Kouvelis, 66. His name is being circulated as “candidate for the President of the Republic.”

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