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Greek Cabinet “paralyzed” awaiting Government reshuffle

The ministers have closed their files and opened their laptops. They surf on internet, call journalists closed to Prime Minister Samaras and deputy Prime Minister Venizelos, they read and analyze reshuffle scenarios trying to guess whether they will remain seated on their chairs, climb on new ones or they will be simple sent home.

The longer the government reshuffle delay, the stronger the symptoms of paralysis among the ministers.

According to Greek media, the government reshuffle, practically announced last week by Samaras, is expected to taker place today, tomorrow, next week…

Media claim for the delay, the difficulty to find the person to replace Finance Minister Yiannis Stournaras as PM Samaras want to give the message of “a new era after the loan agreements”. [lol]

But we all need a breath. Therefore: better a paralyzed government than new austerity measures 🙂

PS Amid the general government inactivity,  eight government ministers felt a short recovery and signed the transfer of Greece’s best assets to Privatization Fund (TAIPED) so they can be sold to private investors. Apparently in the hope to remain in the government…

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