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Greeks are holding their breath as the countdown for Gov’t reshuffle ticking

Greeks are holding their breath in agony and expectation. The countdown clock for Greece’s coalition cabinet reshuffle is ticking. It is ticking to the right – Samaras’ Nea Dimokratia – , it is ticking to the left -Venizelos’ PASOK. According to latest media reports, it is also ticking to the front as the new Finance Minister to replace Yiannis Stournaras is allegedly to be a devoted Nea Dimokratia servant but outside the party’s parliamentary group.

Several names have been leaked to the press about who will be Stournaras’ successor but no official confirmation yet.

The position in the Finance ministry is the most crucial in the Greek cabinet as it is the ministry assigned to implement the Troika’s demands and Greece’s commitments to its lenders.

“Appointing a new finance minister will signal changes in the economic policies and strengthen the social profile of the government,” Greek media explained the reasons for the thorough government reshuffle.

But here I need to reveal a little secret:

it is not the Greeks holding their breath in anticipation of the new cabinet,  but it is the active and the aspiring ministers. We, the common Greeks, the crowd of tax-paying infantry, we do not care who will be the new Finance Minister and whether the government will have a more “social” or a more “asocial” profile. As long as we are bound to the Troika and the public debt remains huge, it makes no difference for us if the Greek FinMin is called “Stournaras” or “Mickey Mouse”. And we really do not care about the communication tricks of the government and its political survival strategies.

The government reshuffle is expected tot be announced in the afternoon, so after around 5 o’clock.

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