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Greeks and DEA in major drug bust: one ton of heroin, shipowner arrested

The cooperation between Greece’s police and coast guard with the American Drug Enforment Administration (DEA) was a full success: 1.13 ton of heroin and 11 arrests – six Greeks, four Turks and two Iranian nationals. According to Greek media, among the arrested drug dealers is also a prominent Greek businessman, his wife and their 15-year-old son. The businessman is allegedly a shipowner who is married to the daughter of a diamonds dealer.

His identity has not been made public.

Some media claim that the businessman has some oil tankers in Dubai.

Greek DEA cooperation

In a good coordinated operation Greek police and coast guard and DEA “rambos” raided two houses:  one in a house in Koropi village in eastern Attica, and one in the garage of a luxury villa in noble Filothei suburb of northern Athens. But also some container sin Piraeus port were checked.

The drugs were wrapped in 443 plastic parcels and were found in Koropi and Filothei.

Media speak of

1,133.420 kg of heroin at “whole sale” price worth 30 million euro and a “retail price” of 200 million euro.




It is believed that the heroin arrived in Greece from Afghanistan via Turkey, and was then concealed in marble dust shipments at the warehouses before being distributed to the Greek and European market.

The street value of 1 gram of heroin in Greece is estimated at between 30-60 euros depending on its purity.

drugs Greece

Authorities also seized 5 gr cocaine, one pistol, 9 bullets, 6,235 euro and six luxurious cars that there apparently used for the drugs transport.

The arrested are expected to appear before the prosecutor Friday afternoon.

It is the biggest amount of drugs ever seized in Greece.

The operation was launched on Thursday night and is apparently still on going. (ekathimerini, protothema, newsit, zougla, .)

I suppose we should expect official announcement by the Greek Police.

PS It is more than odd than the identity of a drug deal is not made public. But when it comes to poor HIV-positive women, their full data including the names and addresses of their parents are immediately uploaded on internet by the police by order of the Health Minister. But that was …. two years ago!



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