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Patras: Parents beat doctor for not prescribing “medical supplies” for disabled kid

Furious parents of a girl with chronic disability have reportedly beaten an IKA doctor in Patras because he refused to prescribe a special nutrition food for the bed-ridden child. The doctor was just following the guidelines of the Troika and the austerity Health ministers and the electronic prescription system that made it impossible for him to prescribe what the Troika does not allow to.

According to local newspaper “Peloponnese” the child’s father visited the doctor and asked him for the prescription of the special food, with the doctor answering that the health care system does not cover such expenses.

The father got angry and starting to shout and left to return two days later with his wife. While parents and doctor were walking down the facility’s corridor in order to speak with the director on this special issue and find a solution to the problem:  the father knocked the doctor to the floor and together with his wife started to beat him. Bystanders rushed to separate the three.

The doctor was taken to the hospital where he was treated for multiple injuries. However he did not filed a lawsuit as he fully understood “the problem of these parents.”

“Peloponnese” notes that the family has been suffering form the cuts and shortage sin the health care sytem as the girl needs specific material for the daily care and special nutrition food.

No wonder, as the Troika technocrats fell with an exceptional zealous over the health care system and allowances and benefits to the vulnerable groups of the society. Austerity cuts have put huge burdens of several hundred euro per month to the caretakers and families of chronic ill and disable.

But who cares? Certainly not the Troika, certainly not the Greek Health Ministers, the previous, the current or the future ones.


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  1. agatha mantanes

    So am I am I to understand that this child though will die if their parents cannot afford to purchase the medicinal nutrition,watch next are we going to stop giving everyone over 70 there high blood pressure meds so they can die so they can’t stop being a burden of the Greek society.