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Athens Airport offers jobs to youth with salary just the transportation cost

This is the latest joke about payment of labor craft in Greece: Athens Airport “Eleftherios Venizelos” seeks to hire 70 young labor craft aged 19-29 years old for the period of six months. The salary the lucky ones will get is the price of transportation ticket to commute between their homes and workplace.

According to a report published at Avgi newspaper, the Athens Airport introduced the program “Airport Praxis” with the aim to combat your unemployment. The lucky young one will “gain paid work experience and training up to six months in several positions at the airport.”

The internship is for high school, technical school, college or university graduates and students.

They will have no labor rights and the payment will consist of the transport cost to commute between their home and workplace. “Characteristically, in the internship offers the criterion of ‘locality’ is being stressed with preference to young people living in neighboring areas to minimize the transportation cost,” Avgi notes.

Athens Airport “Eleftherios Venizelos” is located 35 km east of downtown Athens. Ticket price per bus or metro is 8 euro.

Youth unemployment in Greece is at 57 percent.

PS Shocked? Wait until the Chinese investment comes: you will need to finish 1,000 bracelets in home work to earn 1 euro.

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  1. I assume they no longer manage to pay all their employees. So this is the creative solution

  2. Tanya – would you do any work for this kind of payment?

  3. Come on. Unpaid internships are standard in Germany and many other countries. Sometimes you don’t even get transportation covered.

    It is not, that I agree with that. But it is reality around us, all over Europe. It is not “poor Greece.”