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The God of Greeks must be joking: income €14K, tax €6.5K

Somebody must be making really bad jokes at the cost of Greeks. The tax returns this year trigger uncontrolled laughter outbreaks especially to self-employed who for the first time are been taxed with 26% from the first euro they get in their hand and in addition they have to pay to tax office 55% of tax in advance for next year.


The stories and examples of demanded tax have never been seen before and laughter is the only medicine to avoid brain strokes, heart attacks, skyrocketing of blood pressure and fainting in the middle of the summer but not because of the heat and high temperatures.

The latest example of tax paranoia was published on Greek media is the one of a fuel station in Larissa.

Annual income €14,000 → Tax €6,500

14,000 x 26% =   3,640

55% tax in advance, ’emergency tax trade fee’ (€650), ‘solidarity tax’ (€140)

From the rest there have to be paid: social security contributions for OAEE -at least €250 per month, operational cost, the property taxes, utilities and food for the family.

I do not know what to pay first,” complains Panagiota Kaya, “whatever it comes in my cash register goes for taxes and social contributions. It doesn’t worth to have a business. Best is to put padlock.”

“Panagiota Kaya is one of the thousands of small businessmen on their knees and on the verge of suicide because of debts and onerous taxes,” Kontranews notes adding “Last month the majority of them has received notices for seizure of their assets due to their inability to pay their debts. After submitting their tax declarations, the number of confiscations is expected to rise.”

I wouldn’t say that many businessmen were “on the verge of suicide” but true is that many are desperate and consider it as “impossible” to meet their obligations.

I told you recently about the friend with €3,000 annual income in 2013 who has to pay tax €1,850 depriving from 26% tax €780 + 55% tax in advance €429 + trade fee €650. He was excepted from solidarity tax as his income was below 12,000 euro.

Now he considers migrating abroad.

PS This post wording might be similar to other ones about taxes, but the issue is so crazy and I have reported so many times that I have literally run out of words and imagination.

This is NOT Good News!



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  1. Perhaps this is a ploy by the greek government to get rid of all the worthless Greeks. If they tax the hell out of them, they will leave the country. It doesnt seem that these people contribute anything to the country anyway, if anything they are probably a burden on society and the governement coffers.