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Gov’t issues “civil mobilization orders” to PPC-strikers”

In a decision published at 11 p.m. Friday, the Athens First Instance Court ruled that the strike of unionists at Public Power Company (PPC/DEH) was “illegal”. Immediately the government moved to issue “civil mobilization” order to strikers as it was clear that they would continue their strike despite the court ruling.

Government spokeswoman Sofia Voultepsi announced that civil mobilization would begin, meaning the strikers will be jailed if they do not return to work. “The government had made it clear from the first day of this strike, which lacks unionist demands and has been incited, that its decision is to protect the public interest,” said Voultepsi.

The workers’ union GENOP-DEH said that they would continue the strike. Disobeying “civil mobilization orders” can lead strikers to prison.

Nea Dimokratia parliamentary group spokesman Adonis Georgiadis went even further and announced (?) that the strikers would be fired form PPC should they not comply with the “civil mobilization orders”.

The strike is back by main opposition left-wing SYRIZA and the Communist party KKE.

Meanwhile one more power producing unit was switched off raising the total number at 14.

So far, it is not clear whether the National Power Distribution System will proceed to power cuts over the weekend in order to save electricity. Strong winds and not so high temperatures have decreased the need for A/C in full operation.

PS I read today, that the first thing a citizen has to do when power cuts… is to take the ice cream out of the deep freeze and eat it!




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