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Euboea: Tavern owner brutally kills stray puppy Maggie

Greece’s animal loving society is shocked: a tavern owner beat to death a stray puppy in front of stunned and shocked customers and passersby. The brutal incident took place last Thursday in a popular destination especially for internal tourists: in Nea Styra village in Euboea island in eastern Greece.

According to reports of animal welfare organizations, the tavern owner lured the puppy with a bone and started to beat the stray on the head with a chair.

“He beat the puppy with the chair until it stopped moving,” eyewitnesses said and called the police and the coast guard.

Three-and-a-half-month old puppy Maggie was taken to the vet who decided to euthanized the poor soul and relieve her from the torment. The puppy had very heavy injuries, the head was smashed.

When the coast guard arrived at the tavern the puppy killer had already fled to avoid being arrested. According to Animal Protection Law fines of up to 30,000 euro and jail sentence can be imposed on anyone who causes the death of an animal.

stray puppy Maggie

Stray puppy called Maggie, 3.5 months old, found brutal death by a monster of a tavern owner.

    According to local, the tavern owner told police that “the puppy was on his back and that he was tired of kicking it.” But the police could not arrest him as the area was under the authority of the Coast Guard. When two members of Coast Guard arrived, the killer had fled.

Animal Welfare “Active Civil Society for the Protection of Stray Animals” filed a law suit against the owner of “Costas’ Grill” and called on everybody to boycott the tavern.

Quite a number of Nea Styra residents moved in support of … Costas, saying that he was a “family man”.  Some of them even moved on social media to criticize animal lovers calling for Justice for Maggie. Their argument is the usual crap activists and animal lovers hear not only in Greece: “you move for a puppy but you don’t do anything for children/elderly/human”.

However other residents of Nea Styra described the puppy killer as a drunker who often exposed violent behavior.

“ΨΗΣΤΑΡΙΑ Ο ΚΩΣΤΑΣ” (Costas’ Grill) Stay away! Brutal puppy killer and graphic pictures!

The brutal act took place on Thursday night after midnight, while on Sunday  hundreds of animal lovers held a protest outside the tavern.

On Monday the tavern was still closed and the owner still fugitive.

A Facebook page has been set calling for “Justice for Maggie”.

Skai TV reported today that the German Federation of Animal Welfare asked the file of Maggie’s brutal abuse from the Greek counterpart and wants to bring the case in front of the European Court of  Rights.

Be assured. In a not so future day, …Costas will return home, kiss his wife and children, enter his tavern and be arrested.

However I have this damned question: why did none of the stunned and shocked passersby and tavern customers did not move to stop Costas from performing this cruelty.








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  1. The stunned and shocked passerby/Taverna customers probably didnt want their brains bashed in also….The best thing they did was go to the police.. What kind of a stupid question was that at the end of article?

  2. agatha mantanes

    Embarrassing to be Greek and have to hear my friends call this a barbaric act by a man with out soul, he should be flogged ,smacked upside the head than jailed for a long time. I am amazed at the heartless acts of my fellow Greeks against innocent animals I wonder how they treat there family’s.