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Amphipolis: tomb interior presented in pictorial drawing

Greek Culture Ministry presented the first design of an axonometric projection of the interior of famous Amphipolis tomb. The pictorial design has been prepared by architect M. Lefantzis and shows the excavated interior of the tomb: the entrance with the two Sphinxes, the septal wall, the floor and the ceiling, the two Caryatids.

Amphipolis design

“The excavations continue and the removal of sandy soil dredging continues horizontally across the surface of the site, between the septal wall with caryatids and the third wall, in order to achieve the balance of pressures and ensure constant static design of the memorial, according to the decisions of interdisciplinary technical team, ” the Culture Ministry notes.

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PS I wish, they would have written the full name of “architect M. Lefantzis” and not just the initial of his first name. Right?

Ο αρχαίος τύμβος δεσπόζει στο κέντρο της φωτογραφίας - Φωτό - Googlemaps

Amphipolis tomb site as seen from space and Google maps!  An almost perfect circle of 160-meter diameter. Surrounding wall is 497-meter long.




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  1. this is something the Greeks need right now,if we find Alexander the great it is like a message telling the Greeks that they are strong and will get thru anything, it’s in our blood that is why we are still here today Yasas