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Athens Mayor’s sophisticated benches to prevent use by homeless

No, no, no! Public benches are not for homeless to sleep. Public benches are for proper people with proper homes and proper beds. In Agios Georgios Square, in Kypseli district of Athens, the new public benches have been installed: nicely lacquered and with a metal detail – apparently a designer’s inspiration – that would most probably provide with uncomfort the people who would like to sit, rest and relax on a public bench.

Athens public bench homeless

The iron bar on the sitting area and the handles will most probably “burn” the public buttocks and arms if it will absorb the summer sun. But what it looks like a sophisticated design to decorate an Athens square apparently has one mean purpose:

to prevent the homeless from using them as outdoor beds.

Unfortunately I have no time right now, to check if Athens Mayor Giorgos Kaminis issued a press release on the issue pointed out by VathiKokkino website.

PS I suppose in Greece of poverty the homeless can put their kids on the benches and they can sleep on the cement ground. No?




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