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Greek Court orders temporary suspension of shops opening on Sundays

Greece’s Council of State ordered the temporary suspension of shops opening on Sundays. Traders, retailers and private sector unions had appealed to the court asking the cancellation of shops opening on Sundays.

According to the Court’s reasoning, the opening of shops on Sundays will lead to “irreparable financial harm” and “irreparable moral damages” due to loss of leisure time, time to spend with families as well as the right to religious worship.

The measure was initiated in summer 2014 on a pilot basis in selective regions of the country despite the opposition of workers and small shop owners.

Reasoning of the Ministry of Development was that this measure would boast competitiveness and allow Greeks and tourists to do shopping 7 days per week.

Employees raised their objection expressing fear that they will work on Sundays without extra payment.

Small shop owners complaint that opening on Sundays would harm the revenues on the rest days of the week, possibly Mondays and Tuesdays.

The final court decision is expected sometime in November 2014.

PS the problem with Greeks is not that they have no time to consume but that they have no money to spend in consumption. Hellooooo!

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