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Greece’s €300-Generation: 1:3 workers earn a piece of bread

One in three workers in Greece’s private sector earn a monthly salary of €300 net -up to  €440 gross. This shocking revelations comes from a survey conducted by the Labor Institute (INE) of private sector union GSEE.

The survey reveals that wages in greece have shrunk significantly through the so-called “flexible work contracts” imposed by the Troika’s loan agreeme

“Flexible work contracts” are considered part-time contracts,  reduced working hours, work in rotation, renting labor craft.

Savvas Robolis, the scientific director of INE-GSEE, points out that

“High unemployment is forcing more and more workers of the private sector to accept flexible work contracts. The situation affects approximately 500,000 people.

This has created a new generation of workers and employees, the €300-Generation.”


Of course, this does not affect young and unskilled workers only but all age groups desperately seeking work and income.

PS huh!? Competitiveness is here with cheap labor. Where is the growth & development then?



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