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Tsipras pledges mammoth package to restore Greek economy

Alexis Tsipras, leader of major opposition left-wing SYRIZA announced a package of economic and social measures should his party win the next elections. Speaking at the International Trade Fair of Thessaloniki, Tsipras pledged that his party would manage a big write-off of the public debt with Greece’s lenders and outlined the economic policies in order to overcome the recession.

Tsipras’ economic plan foresees a package of 13,5 billion euro:

2 billion euro for the humanitarian crisis

6.5 billion euro for the restart of the economy

5 billion euro to revive the labor market via EU-funds for job creation

Among others, Tsipras announced to :

– abolish the unified property tax (ENFIA) and introduce property tax for properties worth more than 500,000 euro.

– raise the tax-free threshold to 12,000 euro (now no tax-free)

– raise the minimum wage to 751 euro (now 580 euro)and raise the tax-free threshold as well as the minimum wage if it comes to power.

-restore the 13th and 14th pension to pensioners receiving below 700 euro.

– raise of unemployment allowance (now 360 euro)

– options to write-off “red debts”.

He also said SYRIZA would seek to put 20 billion euros of 68 billion in tax arrears in a seven-year payment plan. This would bring 3 billion euros into public coffers in the first year, the opposition leader claimed. (ToVima, ekathimerini,  )

Do you think, Tsipras’ plan is realistic?

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