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5,620 civil servants transferred abroad €1.5billion amid the crisis

Yeap! Our Greek civil servants earn good and apparently save even better! 5,620 government employees transferred a total of 1.45 billion euro to financial institutions abroad and thus amid the crisis. According to data released by the Ministry of Public Administration

the average amount sent abroad was 270,000 euro, while 329 civil servants sent amounts higher than 600,000 euro each.

“Half of them are from the Education sector, the rest are from Finance, the Defense and Construction ministries, the Health sector and the Municipalities,” said a ministry statement

From the 5,620 civil servants, 4,845 are still active in the public administration, while 415 went left the public administration “for various reasons” and “when the control process started,” Greek media report citing the ministry statement.

Of those who left the service

241 are from the medical sector, aged 42-67, and transferred abroad a total of 65 million euro.

101 are former teachers of all levels and expertise and transferred abroad 27 million euro.

“Retirement or resignation does not prohibit authorities of further control and check,” Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis said..

In the usual Greek populism & information style, the Ministry does not elaborate whether the money was taxed previous to the transfer, whether it was legally obtained or it was a product of black economy and bride.



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