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Symi-Rhodes boat trip adventure in rough sea (video)

A horror boat trip for several dozens passengers crying for help amid rough sea and high waves. Local boat Dodekanisos Express set sail on Saturday morning, November 9th 2014,  for a trip from Panormitis on the island of Symi to Rhodes. Strong south winds had previously prohibited sailing in the area.  But Greek local boats are used to rough sea and set sail right after the ban was lifted.

The journey turned into a horror for the passengers with many of them feeling eternally sea sick and a doctor who happened to be on board to offer first aid.

A passenger filmed some footage of the ups and downs recording calls for help and pleads to the Saint to save them.

Attention! Do not watch the video if you get sea-sick on your couch…

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Upon arrival at the port of Rhodes, an ambulance was called in order to transfer a young woman suffering of immense stomach problems to the hospital. Website Allaksogolies.gr, reports that the majority of the passengers were unable to walk normally and had to be supported by locals.

Some passengers claimed it was the Saint who took them in safety to the port of Rhodes…. No wonder! The were believers attending the religious mass at Panormitis Monastery. The distance between Symi and Rhodes is some 21 nautical miles.

 No worries while sailing with small or big boats and ships in Greek waters. Greek captains, sailors and seamen are experienced and Greek boats manage to sail in rough sea, no matter what 🙂

Remember the adventurous docking of Adamantios Korais ferry at the port of Kimolos in March 2013?

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I read some time ago, that captain Isidoros Lignos had received several awards for his extraordinary skills and the safe disembarkation of 46 passengers and several vehicles.  🙂




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