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Troika, Greece to meet in Paris to negotiate stalled progress review

Greek government officials will meet with representatives of the Troika-lenders in Paris tomorrow Tuesday. The meeting aims to break a deadlock that occurred after the Greek government refused to obey some of the Troika commandments and the Country’s lenders insisted.

A Greek Finance Ministry statement said that Greece and its creditors will discuss how to move forward with the current review and the framework for a post-bailout agreement.

“Two troika officials, who asked not to be identified because the talks are private, said one option might be extending the euro area-backed program beyond this year, a proposal that Greece has so far refused.

The European Commission said it’s premature to talk about next steps until the current review is resolved. The Paris meeting will focus on the current review and no discussion on extending the program is scheduled, according to spokeswoman Mina Andreeva.” (full story Bloomberg)

Greek government is permanently loosing rates in public opinion polls and signs signal that there will be most likely snap polls in March 2015.

The country is in prolonged social crisis and the number of people losing their jobs is shockingly increasing.

The Troika of EU, IMF and ECB insist on continuation of strict austerity program for a society that can take no more.

Can Troika and Samaras’ government follow separate ways and say at the end of the bailout film “We will always have Paris”?  The answer is a simple “NO!”


 Casablanca famous line: We’ll always have Paris…



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