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Police arrests man who opened fire with AK47 at Piraeus bar

In an operation apparently resembling CIS-tactics, Greek police caught the “killer” who opened fire with a Kalashnikov AK47 at a bar in Piraeus last in the early morning hours of Sunday. According to news websites and portals, strong police forces surrounded the apartment where the man of Albanian origin was sleeping and took hold of him.

The hide-out of the man who spread the terror in Piraeus injuring 14 people came from a tip-off. The apartment was rented by an accomplice of Bako.

The arrest took place in a basement apartment in Goudi district of Athens and the perpetrator was sleeping when the police forces raided the hide-out.

The name of the man is given as “Arber Bako” and his age as “31 years old.”

Police investigates whether Bako was also behind the blind shootings against one cafe in Agios Panteleimonas  and one cafe-bar in Metaxourgeio both districts of Athens. One man was killed in Metaxourgeio cafe-bar.

Arber Bako is known to police as he has already served prison sentences for thefts.

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