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Athens: Riot police against people on wheelchairs

International Day for people with disabilities and Greeks on wheelchairs moved to the Finance Ministry in downtown Athens in order to protest austerity measures and benefits cuts and increase in prescription medicine participation, the collapse of the welfare state. But… Hey! Riot police decided that people with disabilities could eventually bring down the Ministry and moved to prevent the revolt of wheelchairs.

Reporting about what exactly happened is not needed here as pictures speak more than 1000 words.

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“I will pass through” a young man bound on wheelchair says to policemen, “what will you do? Beat me?”. An older man passes through the polcie cordon shouting “Let me through!”


It’s not the first time that Greek riot police moves against protesters with disabilities or not wheelchairs. But that was in 2012 if I remember well….

Police move away a senior on wheelchair.

More pictures here and here.

PS If that’s not a shame, I don’t know what shame is…



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