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Sexism in Parliament: MP “sniffs” the coat of a female colleague

Tough guys in the Greek Parliament. Machos with a fetish of a special kind: a woman’s coat. One of the real manly lawmakers has stuck his ugly nose in the coat of MP Rachel Makri.  Independent MP Grigoris Psarianos  “sniffs” the coat and gets probably high as his equally sexism-ridden colleagues find it very funny and laugh. MP Petros Tatsopoulos, who once claimed to have “f****ed half Athens”, holds the coat.

What? These are “jokes” among real Greek men oozing masculinity and transpiring vulgarity.

sniffing coat

      Pictures taken by professional  photographer Marios Lolos

The despicable incident occurred on Wednesday night in the Greek Parliament short before the voting for the country’s next President.


According to reports, Psarianos went to sit next to Tatsopoulos in the row of  independent MPs. Makri, also an independent had left her coat on the seat. Allegedly, the sniffer wanted to take a shot from Makri’s perfume….

sniffing coat1

When asked to comment Rachel Makri said that “they are dullards and I don’t spent my time with dullards.”


Psarianos and Tatsopoulos are former left-wing SYRIZA MPs. Today the party’s newspaper Avgi lambasted them as “sexist and vulgar.”

Among the cheerful group sit also Spyros Lykoudis (ex Democratic Left), Christos Aidonis and Markos Bolaris (ex PASOK).

Rachel Makri, a former Independent Greeks MP, is a dynamic and good looking lawmaker who  does not mince matters and words in the Parliament, like her SYRIZA colleague Zoi Konstantopoupou. Both female lawmakers have often been exposed to the sexist attacks by their colleagues and the media.

In the similar sexist environment of the Greek media, television networks (state NERIT TV incl) report about the incident in the category “side news of the Presidency voting” without commenting or criticizing the incident.

The whole photo shooting session here.

PS is this part of the Greek so-called progressive Left ??? YUCKS!



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