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Animal lovers disregard snow weather, go feed dogs dumped in Mt Parnitha

After three failed attempts because of bad weather a small group of animal lovers arrived on Sunday on the Mountain of Parnitha to distribute dog food for the strays living there. The group brought 100 kilos of wet and dry food and left filling portions in several places so that the approximately 20 stray dogs enjoy several meals in a hostile environment with low temperatures, snow and frost.


The dogs have been reportedly dumped by their former owners in the mountain, obviously far enough from their previous homes so that the poor souls will not be able to find their way back.  The poor animals live wild, bring puppies into the hostile world, they suffer from the cold in winter and lack of water in summer.

The colony of some twenty four-legged live in semi-wild condition and they get proper food when animal lovers get in the area.


 Heartbreaking, isn’t?


According to zoosos animal welfare website, the dogs live around the cliff area where the casino throws its garbage.

The strays are afraid of humans and they won’t let them come close.


Despite that, the group managed to catch two puppies and bring them to safe places in the city.

Access to the area is difficult especially during the winter days when the cable car does not operate due to heavy snowfall.


Bravo to the volunteers for feeding the animals especially during the icy-cold days with snow and storng winds over the Christmas holidays 🙂

The animal lovers feed also a big number of cats who also have “the pleasure” to live 1,000 m above the sea level…


If you want to help the strays of Mt Parnitha with dog or cat food, you could bring your aid package to Botteghino Café (Agiou Fanouriou st 2, Nea Erythraia, Athens) or contact mobile phones numbers: 6909907933 and 6938367700. The volunteers pick up the donated food from the cafe.

As we always use to say: no donation is too small or too big 🙂 🙂 🙂

PS the casino restaurant could help with the kitchen rests. But it won’t do it. Strays around a casino? O-M-G 🙁


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