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One week before Greek elections: SYRIZA leads in latest polls

One week before the parliamentary elections and left-wing SYRIZA leads in all polls published on Sunday newspapers with difference rate to Nea Dimokratia being 3.1% – 5%. To Potami seems to secure the third position, while Golden Dawn seems to move downwards.  To Kinima, the party of former prime minister George Papandreou is contantly at 2.7% and most likely will not manage to pass the 3% threshold and enter the Parliament.

Poll conducted by KAPA Research for To Vima

SYRIZA 31.2%

Nea Dimokratia 28.1%

To Potami 5.4%


KKE 4.9%

Golden Dawn 4.7%

Independent Greeks 2.7%

To Kinima 2.7%

Other party 3.6%

White/invalid 2.1%

Undecided 9.6% (via

Poll conducted by Public Issue for AvgiOnline (SYRIZA’s newspaper)

elections survey

SYRIZA 35.5%

Nea Dimokratia 30.5%

To Potami 7%

KKE 7%


Golden Dawn 6.5%

Independent Greeks 3%

To Kinima 2%

Other party 2%

According to calculations, SYRIZA would get 144 seats in the Parliament. That is 7 seats less than the 151 needed to form a majority government.


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One comment

  1. I sincerely hope that the 9% presently said to be undecided and the 30.5% said to be still supporting Nea Dimokratia give serious thought to the fact that at the start of this totally UNDEMOCRATIC ‘austerity’ program Greece’s debt stood at 140% of GPD – and after all of the pain and misery ITS NOW WORSE !!!!
    1 and a half million now unemployed
    40% youth unemployment
    mass emigration seeking employment
    Pension reductions
    Home repossessions
    Massive cuts in social welfare
    Increased suicides
    Increased poverty
    SRYRIZA is a chance to say NO MORE.
    Greek people have been bled dry