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Where did Greece’s bailout money go? Mostly to the lenders…

There is much talking about debt forgiveness and haircut lately with many economists (finally!) wondering where did the bailout money for Greece go. “Just 10% from the two bailouts totalling €252 billion went into public spending,” UK-based NGO Jubilee Debt Campaign has found out.

“London-based pressure group Jubilee Debt Campaign, which has studied the fate of heavily indebted countries around the world, says Greece is right to demand a more generous approach from its creditors, because although it has received an extraordinary €252bn in bailouts since 2010, just 10% of that has found its way into public spending.

Much of the rest poured straight back out of the country: in debt repayments and interest to its creditors, many of them banks and hedge funds in the core eurozone countries, including Germany and France; and in sweeteners to persuade lenders to sign up to the 2012 bond restructuring that helped prevent the country crashing out of the euro.

In effect, the “troika” of the European Central Bank, the International Monetary Fund and the European commission has simply replaced the banks and the hedge funds as Greece’s paymasters. The country’s overall debt burden has actually increased in the almost five years since it was first “rescued”, and of the amount still outstanding, 78% is now owed to public sector institutions, primarily the EU.” (full article in

Other details for the bailout money distribution see here.


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