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PODEMOS at SYRIZA rally: First we take Athens, then we take Madrid!

This is the image I like! Two young men. Two young leaders. Relaxed. Casual dress. Bright smile. Holding hands in solidity. Trying to bring change in stiff, anachronistic and bureaucratic European Union that has lost contact to the people, see its millions of citizens as money producing machines. A European Union that is unable to reform when reforms are urgently needed.

syriza podemos2

General secretary of Spanish left-wing party PODEMOS and Member of the European Parliament, Pablo Iglesias Turrión made a guest star appearance next to Alexis Tsipras at SYRIZA’s main elections rally on Thursday in Athens.

syriza podemos

   Young generation of EU leaders could looks like this.

At the end of his speech in front of thousands of party supporters, Alexis Tsipras invited Pablo Iglesias  to step in and send his own message.

Iglesias spoke in almost perfect Greek, while the crowd was chanting “SYRIZA – PODEMOS … Venceremos!” (We will win!).

Starting with reference to Leonard Cohen’s song “First We Take Manhattan, Then We Take Berlin…”  Iglesias said:

“Winds of democratic change are blowing in Europe. The change in Greece is called Syriza, in Spain it’s called Podemos. The Hope is coming. Hasta La Victoria. SYRIZA – PODEMOS … Venceremos! ” (Until victory – We will win!


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Tsipras tweeted in his account:

Which is better? What gives more Hope?

Stiff in Grey suits or Relaxed and casual?

syriza podemos1

Picture from SYRIZA rally Thursday evening at Omonia square in Athens.

syriza pod

PS SYRIZA wins over ND because it sends a positive message. So simple is that.


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  1. two young idiots

  2. While I do support SYRIZA, I am afraid everybody is going to be very disappointed when they carry on the same economic policies as all previous Greek governments under the EU.

    Are they the only choice in this election? Yes.

    Will they actually stand up to Germany? No way.

  3. What’s more important, in an election, a cool outfit or a realistic program?
    Hmm, difficult question…

  4. good luck to all greeks who have been adversely by the horrible cut backs i hope they they bite the bullet and rid themselves of the cancer in their political system we have already done that but the recovery will be slow but at least you will be heading in the right direction old english saying fortune favours the brave

  5. Ha ha, ktg, you’re doing well – Gray a Kathimerini troll is doing double time over here:))

    As for the above – your article – my sentiments exactly!!