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ND-candidate “sees” even toilet paper shortage, if SYRIZA wins the elections

If SYRIZA wins the elections and forms a government on Monday Greeks will run will run out of toilet paper. This is what ND-candidate Sofia Voultepsi implied just 48 hours before the elections.
“bank run”  vs “toilet paper run”?
Speaking to Mega TV on Friday morning, former government spokeswoman Sofia Voultepsi claimed:

People believe that bankruptcy is what we experience now. Bankruptcy is when imports, fuel, raw materials and medicines are being immediately stopped.  This is something we have seen in Cyprus,  in Venezuela, in Argentina.”
When one of the news magazine anchors intervened and commented that “what you say sounds as if we will not have toilet paper,” Voultepsi replied:

“No, there is no toilet paper in Argentina and Venezuela. Therefore, I recommend, you do your supplies.”
Video in Greek
PS despite the fact that the Nea Dimokratia fear-mongering elections strategy of “SYRIZA = default” does not help the party of PM Antonis Samaras to raise its rates in polls, ND seems to have run out of convincing arguments and keeps chewing the same old candy…
 toilet paper
Gone will be the times when Greeks had choices…. 🙁

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  1. We will see whether it is an old candy :). Soon Syriza will win and the Great Experiment begins…

  2. If SYRIZA wins, I send from the Netherlands used toilet paper to Sofia Voultepsi.

  3. Dijsselbloem threat Greeks, agreements remain in force.

    Three days before the election in Greece the extreme left party SYRIZA is leading in the polls.
    A victory by the extreme leftist party could lead to a dangerous confrontation with the other countries in the eurozone.

  4. No need to worry! 90% of our toilet paper is made in Greece :))