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Greece got government: SYRIZA – Independent Greeks coalition

That was quick! Independent Greeks chairman Panos Kammenos announced right after a meeting with Alexis Tsipras, that they reached an agreement to form a coalition government. “We agreed on principles, IndepGreeks give vote of confidence to the Prime Minister,” Kammenos told media short after 11 a.m. Monday.


Already in the early morning hours of Monday both parties had indicated that the left-wing and the nationalist would cooperate.

Alexis Tsipras is going to meet with the President at 3.30 pm and receive the assignment to form a coalition government in the afternoon. Tsipras is expected to swear-in as Prime Minister later today, while the new government is expected to take the oath Tuesday afternoon or Wendesday.

Alexis Tsipras, 40, is the youngest Greek Prime Minister.

SYRIZA and Independent Greeks have a common important line and that is anti-austerity. Furthermore, IndepGreeks (ANEL) may push SYRIZA to take important decisions on national issues like the demarkation of Exclusive Economic Zone and the Macedonia issue. In its elections campaign, SYRIZA focused on economic and social issues.

Alexis Tsipras is reportedly expected to meet also with Stavros Theodorakis (To Potami) and Dimitris Koutsoumpas (KKE). Apart from the coalition government, SYRIZA wants to receive “vote of tolerance” from these two parties.

By 99.80% of the votes counted, SYRIZA and IndependentGreeks coalition will have together a majority government of 162 seats in a Parliament of 300. Absolute majority to pass laws in the parliament is 151 votes/seats.

Results and seats distribution by 99.80% of the votes counted.

1. SYRIZA 36.34    149 seats

2. NEA DIMOKRATIA 27. 81%  76

3. GOLDEN DAWN 6.28%   17

4. POTAMI 6.04%   17

5. KKE 5.45%  15


7. PASOK 4.68%  13


KINIMA (ex pm Papandreou) 2.44%)



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