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Greek elections: Results and seat distributions by 99.9% counted

The electoral map of Greece turned pink (SYRIZA) and blue… where it used to be green (PASOK) and blue (Nea Dimokratia) for 40 consequent years. Left-wing SYRIZA wins with a clear difference of 8.3% against conservative and pro-austerity Nea Dimokratia. Many might be shocked that neo-nazi Golden Dawn arises to be “third party” but that was expected as ND focused its elections campaign against SYRIZA and “forgot” to hit the drum for the votes of the extreme-right.

Sunday’s elections results are a shock for PASOK managing to achieve the last position on the list of parties that enter the Parliament. To Kinima of ex PM George Papandreou did not manage to pass the 3% threshold marking also a historic change: first time since 1975, no member of Papandreou family sits in the Parliament.

Results and seats distribution:

1. SYRIZA 36.3%    149 seats

2. NEA DIMOKRATIA 27. 8%  76

3. GOLDEN DAWN 6.3%   17

4. POTAMI 6%   17

5. KKE 5.5%  15


7. PASOK 4.7%  13


KINIMA (ex pm Papandreou) 2.44%)



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One comment

  1. Congratulations Greece from Australia!

    By standing up to the Euro-bullies you are also giving hope to millions in Spain, Italy and elsewhere!

    No matter how corrupt Greece was it was not as bad as the Nazis.
    Why does Germany not remember that, and what austerity did to Germany in the 1920s and 1930s?
    Germany should stop hurting Greece and the other countries suffering austerity.

    Best wishes as you try to rebuild your country!