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Greece’s new cabinet: FinMin Varoufakis, FM Kotzias, DefMin Kammenos

Greece’s new cabinet of SYRIZA-Independent Greeks coalition government has been announced on Tuesday. Left-wing SYRIZA decided to merge several ministries and establish so-called “super ministries” staffed with several alternate and deputy ministers. Media reported earlier of a 10+10+10 scheme that is: 10 ministers + 10 alternate ministers + 10 deputy ministers.

The new cabinet has 40 members but the number of ministries has been decreased with several merges and the creation of some “super” ministries.

There are 7 women in the cabinet, however in the office of alternate or deputy ministers.

SYRIZA’s junior partner Independent Greeks has: One Ministry (Defense) with party chairman Kammenos as minister, and three in alternate and deputy minister positions.


Prime Minister : ALEXIS TSIPRAS

Deputy PM: DRAGASAKIS, he will overlook also financial issues

Finance Minister    VAROUFAKIS      alternate : VALAVANI, MARDAS (Revenues)

Foreign Minister  KOTZIAS

alternate: CHOUNTIS (European issues), TSAKALOTOS (Internationla Relations)

Justice, Transparency & Human Rights Minister PARASKEVOPOULOS

(merged ministry) Productive Reconstruction: LAFAZANIS

alternate: TSIRONIS (Environement), APOSTOLOY (Agricultural Development); deputy minister SGOURIDIS,

(merged ministry) Marine, Tourism, Economy, Infrastructure STATHAKIS

alternate DRITSAS (Maritime) KOUNTOURA (Tourism), SPIRTZIS (Infrastructure & Transport)

Health Minister KOUROUMPLIS

alternate XANTHOS (Health); STRATOULIS (Social Funds)

Labor & Social Solidarity Minister SKOURLETIS

deputy ministers: FOTIOU, ANTONOPOULOU (Unemployment)

Defense Minister KAMMENOS (chairman Independent Greeks) Alternate: ISYCHOS, TOSKAS

(merged) Interior and Administrative Reconstruction VOUTSIS

alternate PANOUSIS (Citizens’ Protection),  KATROUGALOS (Administrative Recostruction); CHRISTODOULOPOULOU ( deputy  minister Migration Policy), KOLLIA-TSAROUCHA (deputy minister Makedonias-Thrakis)

Culture, Education & Religion BALTAS

alternate KOURAKIS (Education), FOTAKIS (Research & Innovation) KONTONIS (sports), XYDAKIS

Μinister of State: NIKOS PAPPAS ; Deputy Terence Quick

Minister of State ( government coordination) FLAMPOYRARIS

Minister of State (combat Corruption) NIKOLOUDIS


Parliament Speaker: ZOI KONSTANTOPOULOU (to be proposed)


Government spokesman: SAKKELARIDIS


The new cabinet ministers will be sworn-in at 5 pm Tuesday, the first cabinet meeting will be held on Wednesday.


PS to tell you the truth the names of some of the new and merged ministries remind me a bit of the language of Real Socialism…

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  1. How many women in this government?

  2. I have followed the writings of mr. Varoufakis and I like his ideas.