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Varoufakis inspires: New video game “SYRIZA MAN vs DR TROIKA”

Forget Packman, Marsman, Fenixman, Superman, Ironman, Spiderman and all the other video games heroes -Man you knew. Forget them together with their super scum enemies. Now it’s the SYRIZA MAN coming and he is going to save the world from the vicious and malicious DR TROIKA.

The SYRIZA MAN is a robot created by Dr Greek. The new super hero is ready to fight the evil desires of DR TROIKA.


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The video game is reportedly based on the game “Mega man”.

I have no idea who is the creator of the game: he/she is reportedly Greek and I’d be glad to add his/her name here.

The Varoufakis Cult continues….

Me thinking I have to create a special page in my blog dedicated to Varoufakis … lol

PS I don’t know if FinMin Yanis Varoufakis will save Greece, but rumors have it that Dr Troika has created a new evil creature to fight the SYRIZA MAN.

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