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7 out of 10 Greeks support Tsipras’ confrontation with Troika

Seven out of ten Greeks support Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras the way he deals with the country’s lenders, the Troika. According to a poll conducted by the University of Macedonia, the majority of the respondents believe that the PM is determined to implement his pre-elections commitments and that the Greece-Troika confrontation will continue.


75% of respondents believe that Tsipras’ government is determined to implement the pre-election promises.

72% of respondents consider “correct” the confrontation between the government and the Troika.

Interestingly:  SYRIZA voters approve at 91.5%

Independent Greeks voters approve at 91%

Nea Dimokratia voters approve at 45%

A possible Greek exit from the eurozone triggers fear to 35.5% of respondents, while 9.5% hopes for a a Greek euro exit.

One in three respondents does not believe to the possibility of a Greek exit from the euro.

The poll was conducted for private SKAI TV.

PS well.. well… the people support the anti-austerity, anti-bailout government policy, but the Europe of Merkel insists that being Pro Euro should be against the European people’s will . I suppose, this is German democracy in old DDR-style.

athens ecb protest

Athens: pro gov’t rally nd anti-ECB protest Feb 5/2015

A pro gov’t rally is scheduled for Wednesday, Feb 11/2015, during the extraordinary Eurogroup meeting in Brussels.



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One comment

  1. The problem is that the similar percentage of Germans support Merkel and the hard line. And it is a strange fun to jump from news about Greece in German (and 80 % or more opinions below articles in style : we must be hard with Greece, we must remove them from euro, why should we pay for them, the poor German must pay again for the Greeks) to for example Keeptalkinggreece (we must stick to our attitude).
    Euro did not unify Europe, I am afraid. Now Germans say that the Greeks blackmail Germans and Greeks – exactly the reverse.
    Is the confrontation inevitable ?
    By the way, I only repeat the German opinions, these are not my opinions. It looks like nobody is happy with euro…