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Historical Moment at EU Summit: When Tsipras met Merkel for 15 seconds

A “historical moment”, frustrated Greeks would say today: Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras met with German Chancellor Angela Merkel during the EU Leaders Summit in Brussels. The meeting was short and painless, and lasted just a few seconds.

tsipras merkel

A hand shake, a few smiles…. and lots of reservation and arrogance.

“Congratulations for your election. I hope we have a good cooperation, if even it will be a little difficult,” Merkel reportedly told him

And Tsipras replied “I hope so”.

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In a video I saw from the meeting, Merkel even touched Tsipras’ elbow and they spoke with each other for exactly 15 seconds. They said more to each other than currently reported by Greek media.

It was Tsipras who approached the round where French president Fancois Hollande and Merkel where standing. He first greeted Hollande, and it was impossible for Merkel to avoid him.

I will upload the video as soon as I can copy it and bring over more from the dialogue when I have the information.

The historical chat occurred at 5:20 pm short before the Summit started.

PS Now if I speak of hostility, I will be brand-marked as anti-German …


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  1. Joshua Tartakovsky

    Link please?? I looked at the video on the linked website but could not locate it.

  2. Maybe Mrs. Merkel is tired. After all, she and Mr. Hollande brought peace back to Brussels, and the Ukrainian President 🙂
    Right now they start dinner up here, that’s where they do business.
    I foresee a long evening here at the Council….

  3. I think she is very tired. Bringing peace to Ukraine is a good job, but for sure a tiring job (no, I do not justify her in the problem of Greece).
    Now it is Tsiknopempti, but will you keep the Lent ?

  4. Oh my, sometimes I wonder whether an entire society can be affected by narcissism and/or hubris. Now we hear that Merkel was not nice enough to Tsipras. Poor Alexis! I suggest you make two lists: one with bad things Merkel said about Tsipras and the other one with bad things which Tsipras said about Merkel. My guess is that one of the two lists will remain blank. One thing I must say about Merkel: I have never seen her smile so friendly as in the above picture. Quite a professional! President Johnson was not as professional when he called the Greek ambassador in to read him the riot act in 1964:

    “F..k your parliament and your constitution. America is an elephant. Cyprus is a flea. Greece is a flea. If these two fleas continue itching the elephant, they may just get whacked good …We pay a lot of good American dollars to the Greeks, Mr. Ambassador. If your Prime Minister gives me talk about democracy, parliament and constitution, he, his parliament and his constitution may not last long…”

    • you need 100ml humor injection on daily basis, I’m afraid

    • Even fleas do bite; can cause discomfort for a long time! In Eurozone, in particular, there is a major infestation in the South! Showing teeth ain’t going to rid you of it!

  5. Yes even by grinning you can show your teeth !!